Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Actor flees Jais raid on fiancee’s home without his clothes

A TV actor tried to make a quick escape – minus his clothes – when Selangor Religious Department (Jais) officers raided his fiancee’s apartment in Petaling Jaya, reported Harian Metro.

The 20-something actor, who appears in a mystic and horror TV series, managed to climb to the next unit’s balcony on the fifth floor at 3am recently.

Five Jais officers raided the apartment after receiving complaints from neighbours that the actor and his fiancee would meet up frequently at her home.

The woman, also in her 20s and an assistant producer in the TV series, told the officers that she lived alone.

The woman, who was dressed in a sleeveless top and skimpy shorts, allowed officers into her room where they found a pair of men’s trousers and shirt.

Jais Special Force Unit chief Shahrom Maarop said: “Further inspection found signs that a person had exited through the balcony.”

The officers then went next door and found a few male foreigners living in the apartment.

One of the officers spotted a man who had wrapped himself with the curtains near the balcony.

“Officers questioned the actor who tried to pose as one of the foreigners. But the ruse did not work as his accent and skin colour were different from the occupants.

“The actor finally admitted that he had been sleeping at the woman’s home and that they were engaged,” Shahrom said.

They were detained for questioning and released on bail.