Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Romance against Reality

Men value women basically as a path to entertainment, and they are extremely entertaining. There is nothing as uplifting to a man as an attractive woman. He will go to any length to possess and make love to her. Like a kitten playing with a string men love to toy with an appealing woman. The fun leads into the bedroom where it ends up in serious love making. A clever woman does not mind being used as a toy but she wants to be paid for her precious time. The ultimate payment is marriage which provides her with long term benefits. If the man thinks the binding arrangement will lead to endless nights of sexual bliss he will agree to becoming the groom. Marriage is a good deal for both of them. The man feels he is entering a long term sexual heaven, and the woman feels that she is being treated to a secure way of living. Love and romance are words used to add color to men and women’s ulterior motives for marriage. But marriage remains as an instrument of convenience. Men and women have very little in common. A woman that denies sexual satisfaction to a man will never see that man again. A man that offers a woman only his sexual powers will not keep that woman for any length of time. This is the way things are and those that deny it are shallow people. They cannot admit to themselves the reality of human needs. The ideal relationship is between a five hundred dollar hooker and her steady customer. He will stay with her as long as she remains good looking and his wallet is full. Until he goes broke she will be in love with him.

The beauty of being single is having the opportunity to break away from a bad date. That is great if you find that your date is unappealing or is not filling your needs. It is rare to find a woman who will continue having a relationship with an unemployed guy that is making no attempt to find a job. She will get rid of him despite all his other fine personality traits. The surest way for a woman to get rid of an unwanted man is by shutting him out of her bedroom. That will work every time. No single man will date a woman that refuses to make love. He might see her a few times and will quit when he is sure that there won’t be any progress. A woman might have great qualities but if her sexual willingness is absent she will chase away the best of men.

It is difficult for a guy with a good paying job to remain single because he will be enticed by the most attractive and sexually available women. Promises of permanent erotic bliss will cause him to give up his freedom. But he will awaken one morning to find himself in chains. He will discover that erotic bliss cannot be permanent. After getting to know his new wife better he is sure to find her as self seeking and greedy. If he hasn’t yet given up on women he will have to look for a new sex partner. His next step will be to find an inexpensive divorce and a new chance to become single again

It is a pity for a woman that has been deserted by a man after having lived with him for many years. He has used her up and now that he is finished he has thrown her away like an old rag doll. It is almost impossible for a woman to get a guy after she has lost her sex appeal. She will try almost any gimmick to replace her once attractive self, but a youthful appearance cannot be replaced. It is also a pity for a worker that has been employed for many years and is suddenly discharged after found no longer useful. But some fortunate workers receive severance pay and a pension. But a woman that is deserted by her husband receives nothing but bad memories. A woman has a short shelf life and she must strike while the iron is hot. That means she should squeeze all she can out of a man while she is still appealing. There is nothing wrong with a woman putting aside money in her name while she is desirable. That will be her pension for the time when she is no longer attractive.

There are shallow people that deny the hard facts about the inner meaning of relationships. They have their heads in the clouds and imagine that some sort of pure love exists. If they would take their heads out of the clouds and look at reality their shallowness would disappear. For those women that believe in romance try withholding an erotic experience from your man for a while and see what happens to your romantic ideas. For those romantic minded men that deny they are needed for more than a meal ticket, going broke will awaken them. It is true that there are sick men that are being cared for by their women, but if you look a little deeper you will see a big check in the mail that he shares with her.

There is nothing wrong with the way nature created men and women. They are compatible in the most important ways. But I think it is wrong for a man to deny paying a woman well for her sexual favors. Since her shelf life is short she would be stupid to ask for nothing. I also think it is wrong for a woman to deny a man her best sexual performance if he is serving her well. The worst wrong is to be a shallow person that closes their eyes to nature’s plans for men and women. They spread confusion and try to hide who human beings really are. But their false ideas about the existence of romance cannot stand up to experience. The illusion of love has always crumbled in the face of practical needs. Those old love fantasies are now starting to crumble faster than ever. Proof is in the sky rocketing divorce rates. But women will always demand the marriage contract and men will always want free love. You cannot blame either of them for their choices, because they both understand the reality of the future.